Aria Teb Firouz

Arya Teb Firouz


Aria Tab Firouz Co. (ATF) is a Knowledge-Based Company which has been Established by a Group of Iranian Industrial Entrepreneurs. Elite Iranian University Graduates and Experienced Engineers in ATF Co. endeavor to develop, design and manufacture high tech & high-quality medical equipment locally. ATF Co. hereby proudly presents its first product; ATF 1022 Hemodialysis Machine

 Company History

Important Events 2013- 2014

–   Turning point. Change of share holders and the introduction of new visions to the company.

–   Acquiring Relevant Fundamental Science from Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology –   Research, design, and development of ATF 1022 Hemodialysis Machine; utilizing latest and most up-to-date technology and fabrication of the first prototype in 2015.



Important Events 2015

–    Signing of contract between ATF Co. and Nephrology Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences for assessing the safety and operation of ATF 1022 Hemodialysis Machine and implementing required modifications

–    Receiving Manufacturing Permit for Independent Production of ATF 1022 Hemodialysis Machine from Medical Equipment Department of Ministry of Health and Medical Education

–    Production of 20 units ATF 1022 Hemodialysis Machines