Pooyesh Darou

About Pooyesh Darou:

Pooyesh Darou was established in 1997 in collaboration with Department of Pharmacutical Biotechnology, faculty of pharmacy,Tehran university of medical science and also collaboration with ICGEB (international center of Genetic engineering and biotechnology) in italy

Goals and vision of Pooyesh Darou is to produce a number of recombinant pharmacutical proteins with the best quality and the most offordable prices for the patient.


Active department in Pooyesh darou :

  • R&D department:

R&D department of Pooyesh Darou is using the most advanced and state of the art facility with over 50 highly qualified researcher to develop different cell line for production of recombinant proteins.

Active Pharmacutical Ingredient of Pooyesh Darou is equipped to produce recombinant protein from E.coli cell line such as Interferon, Filgrastim and tpA(Tissue plasminogen activator) and from mammalian cell line(CHO) to produce an important molecule such as Erythropoetin.

  • Product & Quality control department

Since 2009 Pooyesh Darou has produced a number of products such as:

-          Interferon alpha2b for treatment of hepatitis B

-          Filgrastim (GCSF) for treatment of chemotherapy induced Neutropenia

-          tpA (Tissue plasminogen activator )as anticouagulant

-          Erythropoietin (EPO) for treatment of Anemia

-          Pegylated interferon Alpha2A for treatment of hepatitis C

-          Pegylated GCSF for treatment of neutropenia

-          Pegylated EPO for treatment of Anemia

in Pooyesh Darou QC lab, all tests are doing based on Pharmacoope and WHO standards in the same time.

Clinical evaluation:

In Pooyesh Darou, we believe the products should be in the best quality comparable with the original brand and also we have conducted many clinical study to ensure the best effeicacy of our products. Since 1990 our ongoing clinical study has been continued.

  • filling & packing department :

filling section are well equipped by the most modern equipment of Germany (bosch) and us company (becton dikinson) with 12000 syringes capacity in hour.

  • Marketing department:

Pooyesh Darou products covers up to 100% of the Iranian market. Since 2013 Pooyesh Darou Products have been registered and exported into several countries such as Pakistan , Syria, Iraq, azarbayejan and some Asian countries