Program in detail

First day






8:00 10:00

Chairmans: Dr. Einollahi, Nobakht

- Kidney transplantation history in IranKataion Najafi-zadeh

- Kidney transplantation: surgery and complicationsMohammad HosseinNourbala

- Infectious complications of kidney transplantation - Lionel Rostaing

- cancers after kidney transplantation –Josef M. campistol

10:00 10:30

Opening lectures

11:00 13:00

Viral Hepatitis in HD and kidney transplant patients: Past, Present and Future

Chairman: Dr. Alavian

- Epidemiology of HCV in hemodialysis patients in Iran

- Epidemiology of HBV in Hemodialysis patients

- Prevention of HBV and HCV in hemodialysis patients

- Management of HCV in Kidney Transplanted Patients

- Management of HBV in Kidney Transplanted Patients

- Presentation of two cases: one HCV before and after Kidney transplantation, second one is HBV after Kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation

Chairmans: Dr. Abdi, Rostaing, Ganji


- Induction therapy; is it worth?

- HLA incompatible kidney transplantation

- B-cells in organ transplantation: Rejection or Tolerance?

- Case-based discussion (A case of subclinical AMR)

Prostate Cancer 1

Chairmans: Dr. Nowroozi , A.R Ghadian

 - New Biomarkers/Translational research

- What we should do if biopsy is negative?

- Active surveillance protocols

- Vision of the future

- Clinical case discussions

Peritoneal Dialysis

Chairmans: Dr. Iraj Najafi, Ardalan


- Peritoneal membrane: Anatomy and physiology

- Peritoneal Membrane Test (PET)

- Peritoneal access techniques

- Adequacy of Peritoneal Dialysis

- Infection complications

- Metabolic complications

Patient education 1


Choosing Appropriate Diet in ESRD






Patient education 2

Physical Activities and Exercises

14:00 16:00


Chairmans: Dr. Tamadondar, Tayebi, Makhlough


- Principles and modality of hemodialysis

- Dialyzer membranes: Characteristics and impact on the treatment procedure

- Water treatment and hemodialysis solutions

- Complications during hemodialysis



Chairmans: Dr. Tayebi-Khosroshahi, Izadi, Joniedi


-Catheter related UTI

- Approach to the recurrent UTI in Adults

- UTI in Adults: Hot topics

- UTI in Children: Hot topics

- UTI in pregnancy

- questions & answers


Chairman: Dr. Sehri


- Male infertility and history

- Semen analysis

- Medical treatments

- Surgical treatments


- Azoospermia and sperm extraction

- Recurrent abortion


Nursing Work Shop 1


Water Treatment: Improve your ability to solution preparation

Student Work Shop

16:30 18:30

Nursing Care models in renal disease

Chairmans: Dr. Ahmadi. Mohamadi, Ebadi, Asgari

- Advantages of applying Nursing Care Model in disease prevention

- Nursing Care Models for prevention of renal disease

- Oral Presentation (ID: 1367)

- Oral Presentation (ID:1181)

- Oral Presentation (ID: 1257)

- Questions and Answers


Work Shop



Student Work Shop

Second day






8:00 9:00

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

9:00 10:30

Chairmans: Dr. Simforoosh, Ghods

- What is the best immunosuppression to achieve good long-term results?- Paolo Malvezzi

- The future of kidney transplantation - Josef M. Campistol

- How to manage high risk localized and oligo-metastatic disease or modern management of CRPC - Valerie Fonteyne

- Cytoreductive surgery in prostate cancer with skeletal metastasis -Naser Simforoosh

11:00 13:00

Nephrolithiasis 1

Chairman: DR. Basiri

- PCNL in complicated kidney stones

 - Patient position in PCNL

 - Image guidance for PCNL

 - Complications of PCNL: How to avoid and manage?

 - Laparoscopic management of kidney stones

 - RIRS for kidney stones

 - Mini, Micro, Ultra PCNL

 - questions & answers

Critical Care Nephrology

Chairmans: Dr. Lessan Pezeshki, Abbasi, Sagheb

- Evaluation of volume state in critically ill patients

- Approach to metabolic acidosis in critically ill patients

- Treatment of hyperkalemia: an update

- AKI: Which solution, when and how much?

- Pharmacologic consideration in acute renal failure patients

- questions & answers

Prostate Cancer 2

Chairmans: Dr. S.J. Hosseini, Ayati

- Surgery or radiotherapy

- Laparoscopic or Robotic Radical prostatectomy: Is there really a difference?

- Radiotherapy for high risk prostate cancer

- Surgery for high risk prostate cancer

- Is there a place for chemotherapy?

- Targeting the Androgen Receptor Signaling Pathway in mCRPC

- Surgical treatment for CRPC

- Clinical case discussions

Vascular Access Placement and Nursing Care

Chairmans: Dr. Raeis zadeh, Khatami & Mrs. nasirdivani

- Vascular access techniques for fistulas and grafts

- Interventional procedures to prolong vascular access survival

- Vascular access complications

- Nursing care in temporary and permanent vascular access

-Newest vascular access

- Oral presentation(ID:1280)

Patient education 1

Choosing Appropriate Diet in ESRD Patient


education 2

Physical Activities and Exercises

14:00 16:00

Nocturnal enuresis

Chairman: Dr. Ghohestani

- NE and urodynamics

- NE and voiding dysfunction

- NICE guideline 2010

- Evaluation of NE patient

- Treatment of NE patient - questions & answers


Chairmans: Dr. Sami-Magham, Tesar, Makhdomi

- The current and novel theraputic approaches in diabetic nephropathy

- Pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy

- IgG4 related kidney diseases

- B-cell targeted treatment in glomerular diseases

- Case-based discussion (A case of C3 glomerulopathy)

Voiding dysfunction

Chairman: Dr. Weil

-Female voiding dysfunction

- Stress urinary incontinence: Which symptoms? When? Why? How to diagnose?

- Urge incontinence: Which symptoms? When? Why? How to diagnose?

- Stress urinary incontinence: How to treat?

- Urge incontinence how to treat?

- Sacral Neuro-Stimulation. Treatment for pelvic disorders

Choosing the Appropriate Life Style

Chairmans: Dr. Tabibi, Tayebi, Sirati

- The Challenges of Nutrition in ESRD Patients’ Life Style

- Role of physical exercises during and between the dialysis sessions

- Palliative care model in nephrology

- Identify factors associated with caregiver burden

- Oral presentation(ID:1206)

- Oral presentation(ID:1408)

- Oral presentation(ID:1263)

Nursing Work Shop 2 

Hemodialysis Apparatus: Improve your skills about the indications of profiles

16:30 18:30

Consultant – Liaison psychiatry in kidney transplantation and hemodialysis

Chairmans: Dr. Khaghanizadeh, Tavalaee, Badri

- Evidence-based assessment methods for stress, fatigue and depression

- Appropriate medications for treatment of depression

- How to evaluate and revise treatment plans for individuals with psychosocial relation

- Factors Related to Treatment Procedures which Influence the QOL

- Changes in Sex drive and Habits

- Oral presentation(ID:1332)

- Oral presentation(ID:1188)

       Student Work Shop
Third day






8:00 10:00

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentation

9:00 10:30

 -Anemia in HD patients: Mohsen Nafar

Prevention and remedies in Medical Malpractice & Defaults

Chairmans: Dr. Vatandoost, Mesri, Ghadiani

- Prevention of Medical Malpractice & Defaults in Nephrology and Urology Fields - Hassan Vatandoost

- Medical Ethics & Figh – Mehdi Mesri

- Medical Responsibility – Babak Mostafazadeh

- Case Reports of Medical Malpractice in Nephrology and Urology Fields – Masood Ghadipasha

- Questions & answers

11:00 13:00

Nephrolithiasis 2

Chairman: DR. Asadi

-Diagnostic approach

 - How to manage renal colic

 - Medical treatment

 - Prevention of stone formation

 - Role of ESWL in treatment

- Questions & Answers


Chairmans: Dr. Ahmadpoor, Amir-Zargar, Nikoueinejad

- Tip-toeing toward tolerance

- Rejection

-predicting biomarkers in renal transplantation

- New ideas on HLA and Non

-HLA antibodies in renal transplantation

- New aspects of complement system in kidney diseases

- Clinical applications of T-regulatory cells in tolerance induction

-A BK virus-infected case presentation and discussion

Non organic erectile dysfunction

Chairmans: Dr. Frotan, Afshar, Zafarghandi

- History taking

- Anatomy and physiopathology of erection

- ED due to premature ejaculation

- ED due to vaginismus

- ED in patients with CRF, Systemic and endocrine diseases

- Psychological aspects of ED

Kidney Transplantation: Nursing aspects

Chairmans: Dr. Ghadiani, Pourfarziani & Mr. Ashraf

-Nurses as a Donor and recipient Coordinator

- Preparation of donor before Transplantation

- Preparation of Recipient before Transplantation

- Nursing care in Kidney

- Drugs: Cautions and side effects

- Oral Presentation (ID:1245)

Work shop: How to write a scientific paper

Chairman: Dr. Mahdavi-Mazdeh

-Principles of scientific writing

-Types of papers / Structural hints

- Publication ethics

- Panel discussion

14:00 16:00

Nursing care of Urologic patients

Chairmans: Dr. Masroor, Hedayat jafari, Shirazi

- Urinary Cancer Surgery: Pre-operative and Post-operative Care education

- Prostatectomy: Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

- Important Aspects when Caring for patients with a stoma

- Infectious complications in urologic patients

- Catheter care

- Oral presentation (ID:1396)


Herbal Medicine in Nephrology and Urology: Hot topics

Chairmans: Dr. Panahi, Hajakhoundi, Mojab

-Phytotherapy in kidney and urinary tract diseases

-Introduction of Phytotherapy;Herbal propration and Prostatitis

-Approved herbal druges in kidney diseses

-Renal stone, symptoms and risk factors;
16:30 18:30

Long term complications in ESRD patients

Chairmans: Dr. Einollahi, Soliemani, Moghadamnia

- Musculoskeletal disorders

- Nursing care in musculoskeletal disorders

- Anemia

- Nursing care in anemic patients

-Questions & Answers