Acute kidney injury in children with acute gastroenteritis


Mastaneh Moghtaderi(1) ,Mojtaba Gorgi(2), 1 pediatric nephrology 2 pediatration


Dr Mastaneh moghtaderi

This study was done in Children medical center hospital in Tehran, Tehran University of medical science.

Method: Total patients were 140 children that admitted for gastroenteritis and we found acute kidney injury in these children. All of the patients were admitted and managed in the Emergency department. All of them evaluated for symptoms of AKI: dehydration, renal function tests, electrolytes and urine output.

Results: The median age of the children with gastroenteritis and AKI was 2.5years (range 2months–12 years) and78.6% was males. Acute kidney injury (AKI) was present in 116 (82.9%) patients at admission time with 53(37.8%) in ‘failure’ category. (RIFLE). 12 children had anuria and 54 patients had oliguria. At presentation, 24(15%) had serum BUN between 30-75 and creatinine in the range of 0.9-2.1mg/dl. One patient had HUS that excluded from this study. 76 children had symptom of severe dehydration and metabolic acidosis. After adequate fluid therapy 30 child had polyuria 6.4(range 4-9)cc/kg/min. 23 patients(16.4%) had hyponatremia and 41 patients (29.2%) had hypernatremia. 9 child (6.4%) had hypokalemia. A few of them received ORS at home. All of them managed in emergency ward and discharged with normal GFR without electrolyte abnormality. The patents fallowed for 3-6 months and all of them had normal renal function at the end of the study.

Conclusion: Urgent diagnosis and management of gastroenteritis and dehydration can prevent AKI.