Acute kidney injury aggravated or relived in critically ill children: incidence and importance.


Dr Majid Malaki ,pediatric nephrologist ,Sevome shaban hospital.Tehran/Iran


Aims and background  : Renal dysfunction is a common problem may increase mortality rate in critically ill patients we are going to find the incidence of acute kidney injury  defined by Glomerular filtration rate estimation and changes based of RIFLE criteria in our centre.

Methods and patients:  In a cross sectional study 37 admitted ill and critically children in intensive care unit (ICU) after excluding of pre-existing  renal disease .  GFR in selected cases were calculated and followed  at first and 5th  day . GFR declining up to 25% ,50% ,50% and 75% considered as risk ,injury ,failure and loss . All data expressed by percent comparison of quantity values by T independent test and non quantity by chi square test ,p less 0.05 is significant.

Results:   in 15 patients GFR was not changed in 14  cases the GFR increased over than 25%  compared to first day while in 4 cases GFR decreased over than 25%  after 5 days . mortality rate was not related to nonchanged ,decreased or increased GFR  groups  (p >0.05). mortality occur in 15% of all cases , mortality rate was not differed significantly .(p 0.5)   in defined groups (AKI injury resolved or aggravated in follow up period )

Conclusion : concealed AKI  is a common phenomena (41%) at admission resolved in some days by supportive care while AKI may occur or aggravated  in 15% in a  few days after ICU admission. mortality was not differed between these two groups .    

Keywords : Acute kidney injury , Incidence ,ICU ,Children .