Correlation of Pro-Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Factors with Serum Bicarbonate in End Stage Renal Disease Patients under Chronic Hemodialysis


Hamidreza Karimi-Sari, Saghar Chehrazi, Narges Sadat Zahed* 1- Students' Research Committee, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR-Iran. 2- Faculty of Medicine, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR-Iran.


Introduction: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is progressive and irreversible nephrons destruction. Dialysis could reduce morbidity and mortality in CKD patients, but morbidity and mortality rates are also high and the quality of life is low in this patients. High level of interleukins (IL)-6 and 10 are described as independent risk factors for morbidity and mortality in this patients. Current study was designed to evaluate factors predicting levels of IL-6 and 10 in end stage renal disease patients undergoing hemodialysis.

Methods: In this analytical cross-sectional, patients referring hemodialysis ward of Loghman e Hakim hospital were randomly selected. Demographic data, laboratory data (albumin, creatinine, calcium, phosphorus, PTH, CRP, CBC, ferritin, interleukins 6 and 10 and arterial blood gas) were measured. Correlation between interleukins and serum bicarbonate and other variables were evaluated by SPSS software and the regression models were designed with stepwise method for IL-6 and 10 in chronic hemodialysis patients.

Results: Eighty four patients with mean age of 60.98 years and mean dialysis duration of 35.05 months were evaluated. The mean serum levels of IL-6 and 10 was 6.036 pg/ml and 17.46 pg/ml. Five variables (IL-10, HCO3, PH, and diabetes) were remained in the IL-6 model (R2=0.813), and Five variables (IL-6, HCO3, PH, and diabetes) were remained in the IL-10 model (R2=0.846).

Conclusion: According to results, bicarbonate, PH, and diabetes could consider as a prognostic factor to differentiate increased levels of IL-6 and 10 and related morbidity and mortality. But for paradox results of previous studies, proving of this correlation needs more evaluations.