A 13-Year Girl With Acute Kidney Failure Suspected To Brucellosis


Mitra Naseri,Nona Zabolinejad ,Fatemeh Ghaneh Sherbaf Affiliation of all authors :Mashhad University of Medical sciences


Mitra Naseri,naserim@mums.ac.ir

A 13-Year Girl With Acute Kidney Failure Suspected To Brucellosis

Background : Renal involvement in brucellosis in the form of acute kidney injury is rare, but interstitial nephritis, pyelonephritis, exudative glomerulonephritis, mixed cryoglobulinemia, and IgA nephropathy have been reported.

Case presentation: a teenager girl with acute kidney failure, oliguria, gross hematuria, hypertension, arthralgia and urinary abnormal sediment (proteinuria and hematuria) was admitted in pediatric nephrology department. Clinical manifestations mimicking rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis .She needed temporary hemodialysis because of symptomatic uremia. Despite clinical presentations, kidney biopsy findings were near normal with no crescent formation, no evidence of interstitial inflammation or glomerular involvement. Results of wright agglutination (a positive titer of 1/80) and 2 ME tests (positive titer at 1/40) in association with clinical presentation and prodromal symptoms (fever, vomiting and arthralgia) strongly suggested acute brucella infection.

Conclusion: acute brucella infection should be considered in cases with acute kidney injury when symptoms such as arthralgia or arthritis are present especially in areas where brucellosis is endemic.

Key words: brucellosis, renal involvement, acute kidney injury